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Keep track of important Messenger Conversations

Red Belt Chat uses its tagging system, canned responses, reminders to help you organize and follow up with potential Facebook Messenger leads without getting lost in chats...

Your Mini Messenger CRM

An easy to use messenger customer relationship management software (CRM) to manage your inbound and outbound messages Leverage built in custom tags and reminders to make it happen.

Facebook Page Support

Use Red Belt Software to manage the Facebook page inbox even if you have several page admins answering questions.

A Unified Inbox

Now all your Facebook pages messages will be viewable in the same place. Less time to check for them, notice the messages faster so you convert them higher. That's more $$$

Keep Your Staff Accountable

With an internal review feature as well as KPI tracking for your team!

Set Appointments

with a click on the calendar and easily view the schedule... Set appointments right from the CRM!

Broadcast Features

Type a message one time and send it to everyone that has messaged you... or just to people you have added specific tags to to get just the right message to the right person without the work of messaging individually.

Coming Soon: Martial Arts School Appointment Setting Automation

You answer some basic questions about your classes and the times they are held a single time and the chat bot guides the user though the process of setting an appointment to the gym on its own every time a message is received.

Software That Fixes The Holes In Your Follow Up System...

We all know the difference between a successful Martial Arts School and a struggling school is the Follow Up. Now you have software that will fill the holes in your systems to maximize your schools potential.

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  • Your Mini Messenger CRM
  • Send Bulk Message
  • Facebook Page Support
  • keep track of important messenger conversations
  • Unlimited Inbound/Outbound Text and Multimedia Messages
  • A unified inbox
  • Keep your staff accountable
  • Set appointments
  • Broadcast feature
  • Martial Arts school appointment setting chat bot
  • Cancel Anytime!

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